Ialy hydropower is on the Se San river

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Ialy hydropower is built in the Se San river; it is about 30km far from Pleiku city, belonging to laly commune, Chupah district. This is the largest hydroelectric plant in the Central Highlands which was first survayed, designed and constructed by the engineers of Viet Nam with the beautyful architecture, the spectacular and charming nature scenery. The Hydropower plant of laly has been an enteresting tourist destination developed by the local tourist companies.

Tourists can visit the flood spillway, river dam, monument, the intake, the undergroud power plant located deeply on the ground near 300m. And specialy, go sightseeing on the Se San river by canoe, enjoying the special foods such as Lang fish, An Vu fish…ect

At the present, the laly hydropower plant has established organizational services for tourists to visit.

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