Chu Se-Potential and prospects

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About 40 km south of Pleiku city, Chu Se has been known as a district full of potential. Its economy is developing in a fast and sustainable manner thanks to the convenient trading position.

After Chu Puh was separated from Chu Se to become a district, Chu Se’s remaining natural area is 64,269 hectares, including 15 administrative units (14 communes, one town) with 183 villages and wards which are home to more than 110,000 people. It is sure that anyone who has ever arrived in or passed National Highways No. 14 and 25 are astonished at immense rubber forests, laden pepper and coffee fields or spacious houses. All create a colourful picture, signaling a prosperously developing locality.

In the field of agriculture, Chu Se is gifted with a wide basalt soil area and temperate climate, which facilitate the development of long-term industrial crops like rubber, coffee and pepper. The district now has nearly 3,000 hectares of pepper, including more than 2,000 hectares under harvest. Chu Se pepper has high quality and affirms its trademark in dozens of nations around the world.

Coffee has also been a main crop in the district for many years, with a total area of 8,300 hectares, of which, 7,600 hectares under harvest, creating jobs for thousands of local people and attracting workers from other localities. Profits from these crops rise annually, contributing hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong per year to the State budget.

Over the past years, Chu Se has directed and mobilised all resources to invest in and effectively tap its available potential and advantages to serve socio-economic development. Especially, the district has focused on attracting investment, advertising its potential and advantages as well as improving urban infrastructure to become a type-IV urban area and then Chu Se county town in the near future. Therefore, it has called on businesses both inside and outside the province to invest in tens of projects to meet demand of agricultural product consumption and effectively exploit available resources. Among the investors are Ho Chi Minh City-based Phu Nhuan Services Joint Stock Company, High-Quality Pepper and Coffee Production Company, Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) Coffee Company, Saigon Co.op Mart, and a waste recycling firm.

Photo: Hong Thi
Photo: Hong Thi

In Chu Se town, along main roads, there are eight bank branches with a total average debit balance of more than 1.6 trillion VND (76 million USD), meeting loan demand of local people and businesses. Chu Se’s potential and strengths are proved by a long-term and sustainable development. The bank branches, with their investment, have also contributed to the district’s development.

Tourism, a non-smoke industry, has seen initially results when Phu Cuong waterfall ecotourism becomes operational.  Vast lower Ayun Lake is also a destination for tourists inside and outside the province.

In addition, Chu Se holds much potential in minerals, which can be used as building and industrial materials, and valuable decorative and semi-precious stones.

Together with socio-economic development, Chu Se district also pays attention to maintaining defence-security, considering it an important task and a premise to develop the economy and improve the people’s material and spiritual lives. The district’s political-security, and social safety and order have been step by step stabilised and maintained. Especially, instabilities like those in 2001 and 2004 have been gradually wiped out. Hostile forces and FULRO reactionary organisation don’t have chance to squeeze through local political systems and villages as local people have placed their trust in the Party and are focusing on working to stabilise their life.

A corner of Chu Se town (Chu Se district).
A corner of Chu Se town (Chu Se district).

In terms of traffic safety, some years ago, Chu Se used to be one of the hotspots of the province and the country. But the situation has eased thanks to due investment in developing traffic infrastructure. Tens of “black points” in traffic accidents have been crossed out, while people’s awareness of following traffic rules has been improved. The numbers of traffic accidents and fatalities have fallen year on year. This is the results of great efforts made by Chu Se’s whole political system and authorities at all levels over the past years.

With available potential and advantages plus locals’ activeness, creativeness and enthusiasm in working, we can hope that Chu Se will harvest more achievements in the future.

Nguyen Hong Linh
Vice Secretary of Chu Se district’s Party Committee, Chairman of its People’s Committee

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